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    «FAVORITE GARDEN FRUITS» are fruits from your favourite garden washed and dried, calibrated and sorted carefully due to the weight and size, arranged on the paper trays and packed according to your requirements – in wooden or plastic boxes, bushel or open trays. We are the direct supplier and our flexible pricing is aimed to reach reliable and steady partnership for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

    We offer top-quality apples and NFC juice

    We all want to pamper our children and grandchildren with a nutritive tasty goodie grown with love and FAVORITE GARDEN FRUITS are the best suited for this purpose. For our country apples are the most affordable fruit. They are on sale all the year-round and plenty people have them growing in their own gardens or in the summer houses.

    “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” says a common Welsh proverb.

    But what makes this fruit so special? These fruits are extremely rich in important antioxidants, flavonoids and fiber. These particular substances protect us from, blood vessels and heart diseases and from aging in general. And in content of these substances apples occupy a leading position among other fruits.

    100% natural juice

    NFC Juice – is the directly –squeezed juice and a healthy food product. A gentle pasteurization method allows to save all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which has a positive effect on health. For children, adults, the elderly and toddlers it is a source of iron, sugars, pectin, antioxidants that help people fight diseases. This juice is recommended to use with a lack of vitamin C, anemia, to improve the digestive system, restore the debilitated function of the liver, kidneys, heart, on a diet, with obesity, diabetes, as an anti-radiation agent. 100% natural juice contributes to rejuvenation of the whole body and just perfectly satisfy thirst.

    Яблочный сок – источник витаминов, минералов, пектина, органических кислот. По содержанию
    полезных веществ сложно найти более ценный продукт. Среди витаминов, которые содержатся
    в яблочном соке – витамины группы В, аскорбиновая кислота, токоферол (витамин Е),
    витамин Н и ряд других.

    Apples are the gifts of autumn. Harvesting starts only in dry weather: you can pick them up if it rained yesterday and today all the apples have completely dried out by the lunch time but never during the rain, drizzle, frost, dew and etc. Apples are collected very carefully, by hand, not to cause them any damage. The ripened fruit comes off the branch with the peduncle and then it is placed in a bag or a bucket made of soft plastic with a capacity no more than ten kilograms. Apples intended for long-term storage are immediately placed in the container where they will be stored. While doing that all the fruits are transferred gently by hand and under no circumstances poured. Before laying for storage all apples are separated for small, medium and large. Sometimes a “matte film” can be found on an apple – it’s a wax coating which is fruit additional protection and extension of its shelf life at the same time and in no case it should be removed.
    Modern industrial apple storage is based on controlled atmosphere. There is a humidity level of 90% maintained in warehouses and the temperature is controlled in the range from 0 ° С to + 7 ° С. At the same time the proportionality of atmosphere elements changes with these conditions. In other words, apples were previously treated with special compositions for long-term storage, but nowadays it is replaced by oxygen-depleted atmosphere. Such an atmosphere contains carbon dioxide and nitrogen. And herewith the oxygen level is no more than 5%, while the limits of carbon dioxide vary from 1% to 10%. The remaining part of the air mass is nitrogen. Cold slows down the vital processes in apples and they seem to “fall asleep”, preserving all the beneficial properties and nutrients, and controlled atmosphere storage artificially makes the room perfect for the apples’ long winter nap.
    Modern equipment makes it possible to calibrate and sort the fruits according to many criteria: weight, color, the presence of external damage. This allows not only to get apples of the same size, but also remove low-quality goods from the general flow. We wash apples in the special pool on our sorting line. At the same time garbage and damaged fruits are removed and then apples are moved to the next working place where they are dried in the ventilation unit so that dust does not stick to the wet apple and there are no large errors in weighing of the fruits. Then each fruit goes to the fruit cup on the conveyor belt to pass through electronic sorting according to the specified parameters and after that fruits are delivered to the exits for further packaging.
    Natural NFC Juice
    Direct-squeezed juice is a 100% natural juice, rich in trace elements and vitamins, which is produced according to the European standard of NFC juices (Not From Concentrate), which means without any additives in the form of water, sugar, GMOs or preservatives. After careful selection, exclusively ripe fruits undergo intensive washing and then go to a pneumatic press, where juice is squeezed out of them and then filtered and immediately bottled or filled into bag-in-box. To ensure microbiological sterility, as well as to preserve nutrients and vitamins, the juice is pasteurized in a gentle mode at a temperature of about 80°C. We do not sterilize our juice, which means that we save maximum benefit and taste in our juice. Our juice is made from green and yellow varieties of apples, processed separately to make it as hypoallergenic as possible.

    We cooperate with Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Europe

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